There’s no place for Separation where Love lives

Once upon a time, Separation argued with love.

I can separate a couple in love!

I will just go to them for a moment, and them you can do whatever you want.

Love: Good

Love approached the young couple and touched them.

Love: Now it’s your turn.

now their hearts are filled with love. So i will come later.

Time Passed.

Separation came again to drive the lovers apart.

Separation looked into their eyes and saw Gratitude in them.

Separation: I will come to them later.

After a year, Separation again came to them.

Separation: Now I can definitely separate them- love and gratitude disappeared a long time ago

Separation: looking into their eyes, she saw Respect and Understanding.

Separation: I will come later.

After some time, Separation came back to their house. Separation looked into their eyes and saw Trust.

Separation: I will come later

Time passed

Separation: Well, it looks like my time has come. She wanted to look into the old woman’s eyes, but she got up and left the house.

It seems that i was late, time separated them instead of me. Separation looked into the old woman’s tearful eyes. and all she saw in them was memory- about love, gratitude, respect, understanding, and trust.

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